Coffee Brewing Experience

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What’s included:

  • 2-hour session (Theory and practice)
  • 2 Professional Specialty Coffee facilitators
  • Individual materials for practical exercises during class (Kettle, dripper, scale, French press, coffee beans, grinders, etc.)
  • 1 bag of 9oz SUNAO Specialty Coffee *(valued at $16)
  • The maximum equipment capacity is 4 slots; however, we can accommodate up to 6 people, divided into 2 groups of 2 ppl and 2 individuals.
  • If you choose to be one of the groups of 2, you can apply the discount coupon code 2BREW at checkout.
  • (*)Groups of 2 people will only receive 1 bag of coffee.

What we will learn:

  • Commercial vs specialty coffee
  • Sensory Descriptors: Fragance, Aroma & Flavors
  • 7 essential variables for coffee extraction
  • Extraction methods
  • Brewing coffee with French press and V60 dripper

7 reviews for Coffee Brewing Experience

  1. David Goldstein

    This was a super fun and informative experience. I had a great time getting my coffee nerd on – no coffee experience necessary!

  2. Christopher

    Amazing experience. I’ve been making specialty coffee for long and I thought I knew everything. This workshop gave me a new perspective on coffee brewing and I learned a lot about coffee and all processes around it. Sunao crew are professionals, they have great approach and a lot of knowledge. I strongly recommend the workshop! Thank you

  3. 🏡 Michael Perkins

    The experience with Gabriella is unlike any coffee lesson I’ve had. I know have a better appreciation for coffee and understand the importance of sourcing from a vendor who knows what they are doing!

  4. Monica Vasquez

    I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this this experience! From the time I walked in the door and saw the range of high-level coffee brewing products, I knew I was in for an experience unique to the world of coffee. Gaby and Eduardo’s passion for and knowledge about coffee was evident throughout the presentation. Don’t worry – whether you’re a coffee novice or nerd, the information is both informative and thought provoking. The hands-on experience was next level. It was really fascinating to experience the different effects of minor changes to the brewing process. (And seriously – don’t forget to slurp!) There was a really good balance between theory and hands-on. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough for anyone looking to elevate their coffee game.

  5. Conor Carrigan

    If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to up your coffee brewing game this session is for you. I’ve learned a lot from Sunao about how small changes in the variables can make noticeable differences in the flavor of the coffee I brew – and I’m sure you will too!

  6. Emilio

    Attending the coffee brewing experience at Sunao was an absolute game-changer for me! As a complete coffee novice, I entered with zero knowledge but left feeling like a certified barista. Eduardo and Gabby’s expertise and passion for coffee were evident from the moment I walked in.

    The hands-on experience was invaluable; it transformed my understanding of coffee brewing. From learning about the difference between commercial and specialty coffees to mastering the art of the perfect grind, every step was guided with patience and enthusiasm. I never imagined I could brew coffee that rivals my favorite cafes, but now, thanks to Sunao, I’m enjoying cafe-quality coffee from the comfort of my own home.

    What sets this experience apart is the personalized attention and genuine desire to educate. No online tutorial could ever match the confidence I gained from actually brewing under expert guidance.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Sunao to anyone looking to elevate their coffee game. Eduardo and Gabby are not just experts; they’re mentors who genuinely want to see you succeed. Here’s to many more delicious cups brewed with newfound skill and knowledge. Cheers to Sunao and its incredible team!

  7. Juan

    This was such a fun experience! We got to explore the nuances of coffee in an intimate, small group setting. It started out by discussing how many steps it takes to go from a coffee plant to a cup of brewed coffee. Then we tasted some different quality levels of coffee before we started brewing our own. It’s crazy how small changes can make a big difference in the final taste.

    Gabby and Eduardo were both super knowledgeable and clearly very passionate about coffee. Yet they made the entire experience very approachable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to know a little more about the cup (or more) of coffee they enjoy every morning.

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